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VibeRise iOS App (in progress)

For the vibration-based alarm wristband that makes you sleep better


Samarth Aggarwal

Yinghao Li

Thalal Cassim

Daphne Kim


iOS Developer

UX Designer


Aug 2020 - Present

Languages & Tools



Google Cloud Platform


PAQ Wear is a sleep tech startup about to launch its first product, VibeRise, a wristband alarm. The iOS app for VibeRise allows the user to configure alarms on the wristband via bluetooth. Besides, the app visualizes the user's sleep data and provides the user with insights on their sleep quality.


We prioritized the implementation of the onboarding and alarm pages for the upcoming product launch without sacrificing the long-term extensibility of code. I followed highly disciplined practices in engineering responsive UI and backward compatibility by creating all auto-layout constraints dynamically in code.

My Contribution

I worked with a PM and UX designers on translating the Figma prototype into a fully functioning iOS app with visual elements and navigation flows optimized for a native iOS experience. In particular, besides engineering the app, I built customized and reusable classes for navigation bar, buttons, alert boxes, etc., replicated the design system in Swift, added the UI sizing and constraints design, and modified some page designs to better meet Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

Logo Text LargeVibeRise_logo@3x.png

More content coming soon.

Product launching in a month...

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